One-minute Digest on Us and Market

Aug 8 – Aug 14, 2020


Market Watch

  • Total Market Cap of Digital Assets: $367 bln (as of Aug 14, 10 AM UTC, CoinMarketCap)
  • Bitcoin’s Weekly Price Range: $11,180 - $12,020
  • BTC price slipped 0.66% over this week; ETH continued to rise, up by 7.15%.
  • Weekly increase of asset holders by blockchain address: 8,783,699 for BTC, 69,596,993 for ETH
  • DeFi Data (as of Aug 14, 10 AM UTC): Market Cap $13,972,723,299 (Coingecko); Total Value Locked $5.22 bln (DeFi Pulse)


Platform Update

  • Updated deposit addresses for BTC, BCH, BSV and LTC on Aug 14, 2 PM UTC. For asset & account security, we strongly recommend you to choose the new addresses for the deposit of these four tokens.
  • Now available: asset introduction display on trading pages for PC.


Activity in Spotlight

Join special promotions for Geeq (GEEQ) to share rewards of 120,000 USDT in GEEQ tokens


Latest Listing

Aug 11 – Serum (SRM) listed under the trading pair of SRM/USDT. SRM/BTC trading pair was latter added. ATH ROI: 1906.53%.


Serum is the world's first completely decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain trading brought to you by Project Serum, in collaboration with a consortium of crypto trading and DeFi experts.


Aug 14 – Jarvis Network (JRT) listed under the trading pair of JRT/USDT.


Jarvis network is a set of protocols on Ethereum which allow to gain exposure to the price of any asset, through on-chain synthetic assets and/or off-chain leveraged position collateralized by stablecoins, against liquidity pools equipped to remain market neutral.



DeFi Project Highlights


  • Swingby (SWINGBY) Staking Service: Stake SWINGBY to compound rewards. Est. Compound Annualized Return (APY) up to 65%.
  • 3-Month Orion Protocol (ORN) Pre-Staking Program: 39% Est. Annualized Return for the first month.
  • XDai (STAKE) on-chain staking is now available. Participants of XDai (STAKE) Pre-Staking can continue to earn staking rewards. No extra actions are required.


BitMax’s Insights

Aug 12- George Cao, co-founder & CEO of BitMax, was invited by Crypto Tonight to attend D-Hour Ep2. From WallStreet to Crypto, Dr. George Cao shared his insights into institutional adoption, regulatory change, structured product, and derivatives trading in this ever evolving crypto market.


What’s Upcoming

  • Deploy Isolated Margin Mode for Futures Trading
  • Display of Asset Introduction on Trading Pages for App
  • Upgrade System & Expand Server Capacity on Aug 16, 9:00 a.m. EDT – 9:00 p.m. EDT. During system maintenance, website, App & API will be temporarily unavailable and all open orders will be canceled


Note: Please refer to announcement on official website for further details.